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Integration of 3D animation and interactivity scripts

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Portare Vita alla Realtà Virtuale con le interazioni

In the ever-evolving world of Virtual Reality (VR) in real estate, the next step after creating immersive virtual environments is the ability to interact with objects and functions within these virtual spaces.

To achieve this interactivity, the implementation of action scripts supported by the power of game engines is necessary.

MetaMEP creates and adds action scripts to design immersive and user-friendly VR experiences based on previously optimized 3D models, leveraging the power of game engine software.

The Revolution of Scripts with Game Engines

Scripts are the beating heart of interactivity in a VR environment, but their potential is significantly amplified by the use of game engines.

Tools that provide a complete platform for developing and implementing virtual interactions efficiently and effectively.

With MetaMEP, this synergy between action scripts and game engines adds value to the real estate industry.


The use of game engines allows for the creation of even more engaging and realistic VR experiences. Advanced graphics, realistic physics, and light management (VR light design) contribute to making the virtual environment incredibly immersive.

Game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine offer a complete set of development tools that accelerate the process of creating action scripts. This results in shorter development times and reduced costs for clients.

Game engines enable the implementation of more complex and sophisticated interactions. For example, it’s possible to create realistic door opening and closing systems, simulate natural lighting, and even activate interactive gameplay mechanics.

Game engines are designed to handle performance optimally, ensuring a smooth and seamless VR experience.

Once the action scripts are developed, we integrate them into the previously created virtual environment. This phase requires close collaboration between developers and designers to ensure that interactions are natural and realistic.

End users and designers can make more informed choices regarding properties by exploring them in detail and evaluating how they fit their needs.


The initial phase involves a careful analysis of the customer’s needs and specific requirements for interactivity in the VR environment. Which objects should be interactive? What specific functions do you want to implement? This information guides the development process.

Thanks to the power of the game engine, VR experiences become incredibly engaging and realistic, enhancing the emotional involvement of users.

Once the action scripts are implemented, thorough testing is conducted to ensure that all interactions work correctly. Any bugs or issues are addressed, and performance is optimized to ensure a seamless experience.

The complete projects, with integrated scripts, are ready to be experienced on a wide range of VR devices. We provide full support to ensure that everything works seamlessly, from high-end VR headsets to mobile devices.

Our commitment to clients doesn’t stop at project delivery. We provide ongoing support to ensure the VR experience runs smoothly and address any questions or issues that may arise.


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