"The Metaverse is projected to generate an estimated value of over 5 billion dollars by 2030."
Multinational strategic consulting firm

Designing and selling with MetaMEP will be a walk... in virtual reality.

With MetaMEP, it is possible to see with one's own eyes and touch each project in 3D.

Through the restructuring of BIM models, MetaMEP allows users to experience captivating virtual reality.

Construction projects of all types (not just residential), from residential to industrial, are carefully reworked and transformed into visitable environments through virtual reality headsets and controllers.

Architects, designers, and potential buyers interested in purchasing will be able to fully grasp the features through a completely immersive new approach, going beyond the traditional vision provided by technical drawings, two-dimensional renderings, or videos, well beyond the simple use of virtual reality alone.

The concept of the Metaverse applied to BIM models allows the viewer to become an actor in the design scene. They can interact with objects and environments, open doors, windows, turn on lights, adjust their intensity and color (VR Light Design), or, for example, replace part of the furniture through an intuitive interface that enables the selection of different interior design styles.

The experience, lived and reinterpreted with the potential of the metaverse, dispels any doubts, consolidating the certainty of having chosen the right design or property purchase path. This way, the property can be explored in depth, even if it has not yet been built.

MetaMep offers the possibility to transition directly from a BIM design to virtual reality. I had the opportunity to live this experience, completely immersive, engaging almost all the senses, unlike augmented reality. MetaMep creates fully immersive environments where users can interact directly with everything they see. My clients aspire to build their living space, a home that must also be healthy and sustainable. I hope to provide them with this wonderful experience soon, where they can see and experience the interior finishes and designs we propose, aiding them in all their decisions. MetaMep also focuses on the sustainability of design, with all technical and architectural decisions well-defined before the construction phase, thereby resolving issues beforehand and consequently accelerating building completion timelines. Congratulations and thank you for giving me this captivating experience.
Stefano Magistrali
Technical advisor within the Rubner Group. Sustainable design of villas in bioconstruction. Owner of EDICOM S.r.l. Building solutions.
MetaMEP, when the project becomes reality! An immersive experience that is both captivating and astonishing, thanks to the quality of 3D modeling details and photorealistic textures. Technically, an excellent solution for all professionals in the field, from space design to the management of natural and artificial light. The ability to move freely within the project allows for a comprehensive understanding like never before. A tool we felt the need for. Congratulations!
Progetto Marmo
Company specialized in the design, supply, and finishing of marble.

Present the properties like never before!

To fully grasp the capabilities of this incredible sales tool, you must engage with it. Only by donning the headset and visiting a property in immersive mode can you comprehend its real advantages.
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