Technical and logistic support

Assistenza Tecnica MetaMEP

Guiding the Real Estate Experience through Virtual Reality

Exploring properties through Virtual Reality is not a novelty. MetaMEP goes beyond by integrating physical interactions through a catalog of action scripts created to perform tactile actions, such as turning on lights and opening doors and windows. In fact, a new era opens up for the real estate experience through a virtual reality that is no longer passive but active.

For designers and real estate investors, the services offered by MetaMEP provide the opportunity to present their projects in such an engaging way that not only attracts the attention of potential buyers but also allows for a more effective communication of the design vision.

Complete Support from Creation to Management

MetaMEP offers a complete service, from the creation of interactive experiences in Virtual Reality to the ongoing management of these experiences at the client’s locations or specifically identified and set up.

To do this in the best way possible, it is essential that everything works well, very well. Any hitches during the execution of experiences could spoil the desired final effect.

For everything to work properly, you need a powerful device capable of running the VR application (Personal Computer), a headset capable of processing the signal, and controllers for environmental interactions.

The first-person experiences lived by designers or clients can be sent to a large-format monitor or TV, creating a shared experience with those present, and it’s showtime!

The system is intricate and rich with variables. The support provided in different modes ensures that everything always runs as smooth as silk.

Levels of support that can be activated:

It is possible to activate technical support packages of 10 hours or 20 hours.

It is possible to activate remote assistance packages of 20 hours, 40 hours, and 60 hours (1 operator).

It is possible to activate on-site assistance packages of 20 hours, 40 hours, or 60 hours (1 or 2 operators).