VR Light Design

Custom Light Design tailored to the specific needs of each project.

VR light design

Complete customization

MetaMEP adapts Light Design for the typical use in Virtual Reality, providing users with complete control over the environments they immerse themselves in.

Once key variables such as lighting, materials, colors, and spatial arrangement are defined, it is possible to create an experience that perfectly suits each project.

Unleash limitless creativity.

Behind every extraordinary VR experience lies a complex integration of action scripts. Our development team handles all the heavy lifting, ensuring that every element of the project responds realistically and smoothly to the designer’s expectations. Let’s say MetaMEP takes care of the technology, allowing the client, architect, or developer to focus on creativity.

Exact match.

Our goal is to ensure that the VR experience perfectly matches the envisioned light design. We work closely with the one who conceived it throughout the development process to ensure that every detail lives up to expectations.

The MetaMEP VR Light Design service offers tangible benefits in every project phase:

Visualizing the work in a virtual environment before construction begins allows for more precise changes and optimizations.

Cost reduction in construction and minimized delays are achieved through more accurate planning and early resolution of design issues.

Providing a immersive experience to prospective clients allows them to appreciate the explored environment in advance, envisioning their future within those walls in a more emotional yet informed manner.

Take a first step towards the future

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To fully understand the potential of this incredible design and sales tool, you need to immerse yourself in Virtual Reality. Only by wearing the headset and visiting a property in this way can you comprehend its real benefits.